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Understanding TVET Colleges

Choosing what and where to study – sometimes is a daunting task!

Choosing what to study at any institution can be a daunting task. Not only must you choose from a number of possible programmes or courses, you also have to take other important matters into consideration. Is the institution accredited? What do all of the abbreviations and acronyms mean? We will try to answer some of the possible questions on this page.

What does TVET mean?

TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. This means that our programmes are geared towards the job market: we train you for specific jobs, either in National Certificate (Vocational) programmes, or in NATED (Report 191) programmes.

What are NC(V) programmes?

These are National Certificate (Vocational) (pre-matric) programmes.

Suitable for individuals who:

  • do not have a Grade 12 qualification (Matric)
  • would like to follow a vocational career path
  • previously had no opportunity to enter into university due to lack of Grade 12 qualification

What are NATED N4-N6 (REPORT 191) programmes?

These are national post-matric programmes in a number of different fields.

Suitable for individuals who:

  • have obtained their Grade 12 qualification
  • would like to study at a more affordable rate after obtaining their matric qualification
  • would like gain access into the job market quicker (our study options are short ranging six months per level to three years for full qualification)
  • would like to open their own businesses

Are there any NATED N1-N3 programmes?

Yes, we offer NATED N1-N3 programmes in a variety of engineering fields.

Suitable for students who:

  • who have not yet obtained matric
  • students who would like to become artisans
  • students who would like to obtain a skill in order to open their own business or work independently

What does accreditation mean?

Accreditation is a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. In other words, the institution has to adhere to certain set standards in order to be permitted to offer training.

Is Lovedale accredited?

As a public institution falling under the Department of Higher Education and Training, Lovedale is fully accredited to offer programmes and courses.

Lovedale is also accredited by various SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authorities) to offer other programmes than the normal college programmes, such as learnerships and specialised computer training programmes.