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Lovedale lecturer obtains Ph.D. in Economics

In addition to many well-known alumni walking through the college’s hallways over 200 years, the college also boasts with distinguished Ph.D. holders as part of its staff contingency. Congratulations to our most recent Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Morris Tenderere, on obtaining his doctorate in Economics at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) graduation held recently.

Dr. Tenderere has been employed at Lovedale TVET College for nine years, joining the college as a lecturer in Computerised Financial Systems and Income Tax at Alice Campus. He holds the following degrees: a BCom (Business Management and Economics), BCom Honours (Financial Markets), and a Master of Commerce (Economics) obtained from the University of Fort Hare (UFH). In addition to his newly acquired PhD in Economics, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Higher Education and Training, obtained from Nelson Mandela University (NMU).

When asked about his desire to pursue his doctorate, he indicated that he had a particular interest in learning more about global financial markets. “I wanted to learn about the effects of interest and exchange rates on the movement of capital. I also wanted to contribute to current literature on the topic," comments Tenderere. His thesis is based on the application of the Mundell-Flemming model in emerging market economies using panel data on five market economies namely: Brazil, Malaysia, China, India, and South Africa. It was found that, when there is a tightening of monetary policy, capital flows increase, resulting in a strengthening of the exchange rate. The study recommends that to ease the threat of currency appreciation (which will negatively affect trade balance), authorities should consider sterilization of capital flows.

He notes with pride: “I am the first Ph.D. holder in my family. It is thrilling and makes me proud of my achievement. With the birth of my son Tanatswa in 2022, the desire to set an example for him became an additional motivating factor for obtaining my doctorate. The academic journey though, was one that is not without challenges. Financial constraints top the list of challenges that I had experienced along with many sleepless nights. During the toughest times, the emotional and mental stress seemed overwhelming.”

He believes that anyone can obtain their doctorate if they put their minds to it. Tenderere quotes Franklin D Roosevelt: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. He adds: “We all have a potential to become what we envision. One must have the end in mind and have the courage to destroy any form of doubt that may arise. Should the doubt be left to grow, the vision may not be realised.”

Tenderere’s hobbies include exercise, playing pool, and watching soccer. He also loves watching motivational videos and informative clips on economics and politics. He credits his beautiful wife, family, and friends in the academia for their unwavering support during his studies.