Civil Engineering - Carpentry & Roofing (N1 - N3)

This qualification teaches the student trades related to the building industry.

Admission Requirements

Minimum entrance requirements for Report 191 N1 Engineering studies are:

  • Grade 9
  • AET Level 4
  • General Education and Training Certificate (GETC)
  • the use of RPL assessment programme to determine equivalence to NQF Level 1 or National Senior Certificate (NSC) Engineering studies.

In order to ensure success and completion of the programmes, the College has, in terms of the College admission policy, and in line with A Guideline for Additional Admission Requirements to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College Programmes made provision for Programme-specific additional requirements as stipulated in the table below:

Report 191 Programme (Engineering) Subject Requirements Level of Achievement Application Point Score
N1 Engineering Studies: (New Students) English > 40% APS Score: Best 6 Subjects inclusive of Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy / Technical Mathematics and English the following way:

Grade 9: APS score of 24,
Grade 10 / NCV L2: APS score of 22,
Grade 11 / NCV L3: APS score of 20
First Preference: Primary Agriculture Level 4
Grade 12 equivalent qualification
Agriculture Science/Life Sciences, Accounting and Physical Science 40%
N2 Engineering Studies N2 Engineering Studies: Students must have a N1 Certificate or other relevant qualification N/A
N3 Engineering Studies N3 Engineering Studies: Students must have a N2 Certificate or other relevant qualification N/A
Pre-Vocational Learning Programme
  • A student who has passed grade nine (9) but did not pass the standardised placement test (CAP Test).
  • The student will also not have met the entry requirements for a specific course but is a good candidate to do so should the student be provided with appropriate foundational knowledge and skills during the PLP.


  • One year
  • Each level is 12 weeks

Subjects / Modules

  • Mathematics N1
  • Building Science N1
  • Building Drawing N1
  • Specialize in one trade subject

  • Woodworkers Theory N1
  • Mathematics N2
  • Building Science N2
  • Building Drawing N2
  • Specialize in one trade subject

  • Woodworkers Theory N2
  • Mathematics N3
  • Building Science N3
  • Building Drawing N3
  • Specialize in one trade subject

  • Woodworkers Theory N3

Career Opportunities

The student can be able to work as an apprentice in any building related industry:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Wood machinist and joinery
  • Specialised field in the industry (roofing, tiling, glazing, cabinetmaking, waterproofing, trainee draughtsperson)