Engineering Foundational Programme


  • Students find it difficult to relate to the engineering terminology and language which is a serious barrier to success in N1 – N3 engineering studies.
  • In the majority of cases students have a very poor mathematics grounding and this creates serious challenges for them during their studies.
  • In the past the certification rate for the N1 – N3 students has been very low. By implementing this course we envisage a strong improvement in the success rate of our students.

Admission Requirements

To meet the minimum requirements:

  • A student who has passed grade nine (9) but did not pass the standardised placement test (CAP Test).
  • The student will also not have met the entry requirements for a specific course but is a good candidate to do so should the student be provided with appropriate foundational knowledge and skills during the PLP.

Subjects / Modules

  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Science
  • Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Communication
  • Mathematics

To note: these five (5) subjects are compulsory irrespective of the trade that the student would want to further his/her studies in.

Students are issued the relevant textbook per subject as well as basic stationery to assist them in their studies. Some of the stationery the student will make use of in their further studies and must therefore not be sold. Without this basic equipment students cannot be successful as they have to practice after hours.


The duration of this programme is 1 (one) semester

Way Forward

  • Successful students will continue with their N1 studies in one of the following trades: civil, electrical or mechanical engineering or water- & waste-water treatment practice.
  • It is extremely important that the student’s attendance is above 80% for them to be successful in this programme.