National N-Diploma: Art & Design (N4 - N6)

Art and Design course offers a student the prospect to specialize in the field of art and or pottery. Creative individuals are encouraged to enrol for this course.

Admission Requirements

Minimum entrance requirements are aligned to the Report 191 programme requirements. Students who have passed Grade 12/NC (V) Level 4 may be admitted into N4 Business and Engineering Studies, subject to any other programme/faculty requirements.

Minimum entrance requirements for Report 191 N1 Engineering studies are:

  • Grade 9
  • AET Level 4
  • General Education and Training Certificate (GETC)
  • the use of RPL assessment programme to determine equivalence to NQF Level 1 or National Senior Certificate (NSC) Engineering studies.

In order to ensure success and completion of the programmes, the College has, in terms of the College admission policy, and in line with A Guideline for Additional Admission Requirements to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College Programmes made provision for Programme-specific additional requirements as stipulated in the table below:

Subject Requirements Level of Achievement Application Point Score
Students must satisfy promotion requirements for Introductory Art & Design N4 N/A


3 Years:

  • N4 - N6 (18 months)
  • Relevant practical experience (18 months)

Subjects / Modules

N4 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Drawing N4
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Graphic design N4
  • Painting N4 OR
  • Ceramics N4
N5 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Drawing N5
  • Graphic Design N5
  • History of Art N5
  • Painting N5 OR
  • Ceramics N5
N6 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Drawing N6
  • Graphic Design N6
  • History of Art N6
  • Painting N6 OR
  • Ceramics N6

Career Opportunities

  • Self employed
  • Work in art galleries as curators
  • Art educators
  • Resident artists
  • Work in ceramic/pottery facilities